Marriages & Engagements & Babies, OH MY!

Today on the menu we have marriages, engagements, and babies.

Does that make you cringe? It sure does give me an upset stomach!

It’s not like I am “anti” any of those but most of them are individuals or couples who are not even 23 yrs of age! It’s as if the love bug or something flew around.  Or something of that sort that is giving everyone this anxiety that they have to be partnering up and moving onto the next stage of their life. But none of the three criteria’s are on my soon-to-be plan.  I have a dream and an aspiration that I want to succeed first.  I am still young and want to live this life that I have always imagined but haven’t exactly figured out. That’s the exciting part of the journey, figuring it all out along the way!

It is sad to say but most young marriages are unsuccessful in our generation. It’s higher now a-days than ever and divorce is the one thing that I do not want when I am ready for all that family mumbo jumbo.  I have the highest beliefs in traditional values when it comes to marriages and everything that follows it.  If you know me, you know exactly where I stand.  Growing up, dating has become more of a serious issue.  It’s not like high school dating at all! Now that I am nearing my mid-twenties people are dating individuals and looking towards a future with the significant other.  And I’ve noticed the marriage clock really begins to countdown around the age of 26.  That isn’t every one but I’ve noticed it in the majority of individuals that are my acquaintances or friends.

I get it when people say the cliché thing of “you know it when you know it”. [One of the most vague clichés I have knowledge of as I sit here writing this post.  I’m sure there is more but this is the only one that comes to mind that relates and ties so well into this topic.] All power to those couples that are able to make it work and really hit the nail on the head. But what about the larger percent that have missed?

In the end, I am finding myself almost feeling left out or, somehow, a post-it note was never left for me for this important event.  I almost found myself feeling a little desperate in feeling extremely behind this mass movement.  That’s the moment that I have to slap myself back into reality.  I don’t NEED to do what everyone else is doing because my road is paved completely different from everyone.

One thing that could of caused me to feel this way is Facebook.  Facebook has made this feeling of being left out easier to happen to anyone because with the ease of a button you can scroll through your newsfeed and see everyone’s “Life Events”. Then you have the capability to highlight so that your “friends” are sure to see this event.  Seriously though,  I don’t think I have talked to over half – or even two-thirds – of my friends list.  I may have seen or talked to them more in the past on a regular basis but time goes on.  Let’s face it, Facebook is the enabler for this “love bug”.

Don’t let the marriages, engagements & babies have you rattled.

Stay classy

Christine Jane


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