Not all Mondays are Bad

Not all Mondays are bad.

I was pleasantly surprised from the fact that a professor – who was on tenure – was a true professor that wanted to inspire their students.  For a while I believed that most professors on tenure did not care or want to put in the time to aid students, to mentor.

Today, my mind was changed forever.

A random visit to a professor, who reminded me of my mother, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This professor was able to remind me of my purpose and goals. Why going to school was my choice in the first place and how I shouldn’t just give up and take a break because I am such a scatterbrain.

After a half hour conversation I was enlightened and inspired to push harder than before. Completing my four-year degree has never been higher on my pedestal.

It amazed me how she was able to put a fire in my soul.

She told me the attributes that she saw in me and how great and prominent my future is but there is one thing that I just need to complete that checklist: a four-year degree.

When I am able to check that off the possibilities are endless.


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