Not all Mondays are Bad

Not all Mondays are bad.

I was pleasantly surprised from the fact that a professor – who was on tenure – was a true professor that wanted to inspire their students.  For a while I believed that most professors on tenure did not care or want to put in the time to aid students, to mentor.

Today, my mind was changed forever.

A random visit to a professor, who reminded me of my mother, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This professor was able to remind me of my purpose and goals. Why going to school was my choice in the first place and how I shouldn’t just give up and take a break because I am such a scatterbrain.

After a half hour conversation I was enlightened and inspired to push harder than before. Completing my four-year degree has never been higher on my pedestal.

It amazed me how she was able to put a fire in my soul.

She told me the attributes that she saw in me and how great and prominent my future is but there is one thing that I just need to complete that checklist: a four-year degree.

When I am able to check that off the possibilities are endless.


Las Vegas and my 23rd birthday?!

I almost considered Social Siberia.  Never thought I would ever say those words.

The only reason I considered it because the week before I left for Las Vegas was one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had thus far. And it was mid-terms! My head was spinning with every thing that I needed to complete before I jet off to Vegas with no worries. Luckily, I had my parents there supporting me every step and dealing with my long rants about how upset I was about everything.


Lyndsey greeting us in the Las Vegas airport.

Thankfully the week ended quickly and I found myself in beautiful Las Vegas. It was absolutely amazing! We left on November 1st – did I mention that’s my birthday? When we arrived to Vegas we were lucky enough to find one of my best friends standing there by our baggage claim holding a sign and gifts.

From there, our adventure only began.  Our check-in was not until 3pm so we went ahead and ran errands. The errands included: picking up alcohol and food at the grocery store, and going to the Fashion Mall to pick up clothes for the weekend extravaganza. I needed to pick up some dresses because the night before we left my friends who couldn’t make it to Vegas decided to go all out on Halloween. Of course that meant a lot of alcohol. Which means I slacked on the packing. Not Ashamed.

When we were able to check into the hotel, the room was small but average sized. Had a great view and we were on the 22nd floor! I even took a panorama of the view from our window. Having the mountains in the background did make me feel like I was at home. Except that they were dry, grey, and bare.


The view out our window from the 22nd floor!

I can not even explain how much time we spent walking up and down the strip and shopping in the Fashion Mall. Lyndsey and I were in Forever 21 buying our dresses because we knew that they always had a large variety that is priced right and not that bad a quality. And it was kind to my college budget. Luckily, the boys didn’t mind going in there because they were drooling at all of the gorgeous women walking through there that they wanted to walk through there more than Lyndsey and I! You could people watch for days in Forever 21 located in the Fashion Mall. It was two stories tall and larger than anticipated. It was exhausting just walking through that one store that we didn’t really care for the rest of the Fashion Mall.


Watched the fashion show from above. Short girl problems.

The second day through Vegas Lyndsey and I kind of had a day to ourselves while the guys drank and gambled. This time I was able to see the fashion show that is held in the middle of the mall. It was so cool! The entire runway raised from the ground and it was a full fledged production. The store that was on was Urban Outfitters. They were expected to open a store this week so I’m sure they were making sure people remembered. Here’s a pic of the fashion show.

The whole weekend was a blur! Not because we were drinking but it was all so much fun! There were two club that we were able to experience and they were: Hyde Bellagio & XS Wynn. XS Wynn was , by far, my favorite! We were able to watch Brillz live. Overall, the night was full of surprises and it was our last night in Vegas. You can say that we ended the weekend right.

Now that I am back in Missoula I feel like I could run a marathon in heels for how much walking and dancing I did in 3-4″ heels. Great workout for my legs though! But during…my feet were screaming that I made friends with random girls on the strip in the same position as me.

My 23rd is by-far the best birthday I have ever had. I wouldn’t replace it for anything. Going on vacation is one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. My parents were going to give it to me initially but then Ish bought the tickets and said “Happy Birthday Sis.” He’s so nice. After last weekend I am itching to plan another trip to somewhere else. Next is Spring Break. I’m thinking Hawaii would be a great fit. Hopefully things work out on the place we would stay that all we would have to pay for is the plane ticket and extra-curriculars. Keep your fingers crossed!! I’m officially WANDERLUST!

Love you all,

Christine Jane

Couldn’t leave y’all hanging so here are some more pics from my Vegas trip!

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