Quick Post!

From a long day of working and attending classes I have been able to take advantage of the next ten minutes to make a quick blog post.

With the new season I have found myself busier than ever! I love filling up my schedule! Benefit: I am not lounging around my house and stuffing my face. That’s one of my laziness flaws. If I am not doing anything, junk food is my fuel! Not what I want since I really dislike junk food. [unless i’m hungover…oops ;-)]

Tonight, after work, I will be heading over to the Top Hat to eat, drink, and watch the beautiful acoustic performance of my friend Kayla Hutchinson. I met her through work and I am very happy to have gotten the chance to get to know her! She has a beautiful voice. After her performance I do plan on going home and staying there but we’ll see how well that all pans out.

I almost didn’t want to show up but I told myself I can not keep on flaking out! I tend to flake out when I get lazy or I just don’t want anymore obligations. But I am realizing that lounging around, listening to great music, drinking, and eating; having a great time shouldn’t be seen as such a chore.

Can’t wait to show y’all pics of my adventures this evening!

Take advantage of the nights you have! Every minute, hour and second matters so make them count!

Love you all,

Christine Jane


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