Life Can Be Hard

Sundays can be one of the best days of the week for some people. For me, it is my day to relax since I have no other obligations but, maybe, some homework. At least I can do that task in bed. I am normally on the go-go-go Monday through Saturday so I cherish the one day a week that I am given.

 This Sunday I slept in and work up around 11:30A. Read my current book on my IPad-Kindle app ‘White Girl Problems’ by Babe Walker. [When I am done with the book I plan on doing a review for it so stay tuned!]  Anyways, I made my way to the living room to watch some T.V. while I check all of my social media. All of my social media feeds are pretty predictable but entertaining. Most of them are updates on everyone’s weekend and the parties they attended or how hung over they are. Sometimes I’ll see the occasional drama with young families. This past Sunday was different. I haven’t seen so much sadness stream through my feed in a long time. It’s as if it decided it was due for something different. This past weekend consisted of saying goodbye to people that unexpectedly left for the life in the clouds.

It’s always hard to have these incidents happen but they do happen because it is life. We all live to die in a weird sense.

I do send out my prayers and condolences to those who have been hurt through the events this weekend and will keep them in my heart.

When life hits these curve balls we all wish we were ready but we will never be ready. It’s something that has to be dealt with as the cards are handed.

Since none of these directly effect me I still feel sadness for those who are hurting. It is never easy to lose someone. I always try to remind myself that the one that passed would not want me to be sad forever but to grieve in a positive matter. I may sound like a broken record but I find inspiration from the large event that celebrates the death of loved ones – The Day of the Dead. If you haven’t heard of it, it is an event that is celebrated in Mexico. This day is the day that families of loved ones celebrate the lives of their loved ones on November 1st. It’s heartwarming to see that another culture take something that is so sad and make it beautiful.


It may be hard at first, which is completely okay, but remember that you’ll be happy again. Things are never the end and that if you want to be held, tell someone. If you want to be left alone, then go right ahead. If you need to talk, grab someone you trust. The people who care for you most during these times will be right there with a shoulder to cry on because these are the ones that show their true support for you.


Times like these remind me to love those closest to you and cherish every moment. It’s sad when things like this happen to jolt everyone awake but try to tell people you love that you love them. A couple words can make a large difference.

Love you all,



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