My Pin Weekly

I have been slacking on a weekly that I planned on doing. Time to change that!

My pin weekly is my favorite pins of the week that are share worthy to my audience. I love Pinterest this much. But who doesn’t.

ImageOne thing that I am absolutely ecstatic about is decorations using pumpkins. Majority of the population like to do the traditional pumpkin carvings but I love the idea of painting them instead. Not as time consuming, not as messy, & they look chic. Even the idea of covering them in glitter is intriguing. I saw a pic of glitter pumpkins but I am curious to how messy that can be considering I would be messing with glitter… Love the shiny-ness but clean up an be a pain, even if you are careful!

Expect before & after photos of my front steps!


lakecampingI absolutely love the thought of camping in places that are “unconventional”. I’m not a huge fan of camping in pre-made campsites. More of – lets hike somewhere and “get lost” kind of camping. This picture definitely made me want to get out there now even if it is getting cold outside since Autumn is upon us. May not be perfect to many but it’s perfect for me. 🙂


vintagebagI have a thing for leather bags but more of the rustic-vintage looking kind. One that looks more of an outdoor bag than a dressy one. This bag sure has my attention and I could not be any more infatuated. It reminds me of the local Missoulian who makes the fly fishing bags but they are widely known to be used as a fashion statement in this quaint city in the mountains.


[Everything is via Pinterest but I linked each picture to the website that Pinterest provided with it]


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