Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It’s already the fourth week into school and that can only mean first exams of the semester are beginning to start. For me, some have already happened. I just recently received my first test back and I did not do as well as I wanted. I knew the exam was hard but the grade made me cringe.

I had that moment where I felt like a failure. I studied for a week and this is as good of a grade I could get. This is the moment I had to stop and catch myself. I was having an argument with myself because I noticed that I was only feeding into the negativity that came naturally from a bad exam score. So, I thought of the silver-linings and that’s when my mood did a 180 and everything was fine again. I reminded myself that this was the first exam and I have four others to turn things around. I know I can do better. Just because of one poor grade, doesn’t mean it is the end of the world and that the semester is going to suck. Every single day in class is a new day to turn things around. Finding the silver-lining never fails.

Besides starting the day with a poor letter grade, my day ended pretty fantastic. 

School is really going to be stressful but I am about to complete the first month and I have yet to really get in the groove of being back in school. I don’t think my summer mode has retreated to hibernation yet. Hopefully, tomorrow being a new day will be the start of reorganization of my schooling and getting things in order. I have so much to do for my day off from work!

Purpose of the post:

No matter how bad a day can seem or how it may just go downhill no matter how bad it started, always remember that it will always look up. Sometimes, subconsciously, people tend to feed into the negativity of a bad day when some of the days events are so miniscule. I always try to find the silver-linings in the worst of situations and if that doesn’t work looking at what could be worst always makes me feel a little better. Knowing that something worse could have happened but didn’t can always manage a little relief on the stressed individual. 


Each day is too valuable to worry so much and waste it on unhappiness. Aim for a better day and things can only look up. 




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