Thursdays, Thirstdays Same Thing

Thirstdays are the day of the week formerly known as Thursdays. This is the beginning of the weekend. [Benefit of being a business student.]

I have busted my butt for the last week studying for an exam, writing up two case analysis’ and taking a quiz. All three of those are in three different classes. It felt like midterms already because I was putting a lot of work into my studies. Keep in mind, I just finished week three of school…

Now that I have finished my exam I can not wait to relax and have some fun with my friends. [Of course, we have fun responsibly.] 🙂

IMG_2980 Normally, this is how our night will go. Taking advantage of the drink special that is twofers.

[[ twofers::  a drink special that a bar & grille [ironhorse] holds every thursday where you can get TWO DRINKS for the price of one! Which is just a college budget friendly price of $3.]]

As you can see to the left there are a bunch of plastic cupped drinks and a large glass drink with a Red Bull sticking out of it. That large drink is called an Irish Trash Can but that can be involved in another story.  Two of those little drinks are equivalent to the size of the big glass. Ususally a large drink would cost you $6. So, can you see why this special is just so special?!

When my friends and I set out for the night we will head downtown sometime around nine or later.  Then we can socialize and let out some steam after working so hard for the last week. Work hard play hard, right!

I may be talking about drinking but I have every right to be able to since I am of age. I do not condone underage drinking but if you are underage and choose to just, PLEASE, be safe. Be safe even if you are of age!

Purpose of this post:

Remember to always have fun! At least once a week. That’s my philosophy since going to college. Relaxing and taking your mind off the things that stress you out the most. After taking a break, when you return to your work you’ll be able to think more clearly. In my experience, college isn’t all about picking a social life and good grades. It’s more of a lesson on knowing who to time manage. Because you can’t have too much of a good thing and you can’t have too much work. Live and learn! Oh, and always remember to tip your bartenders. Bartenders who are just outright jerks and don’t know how to make a decent drink…screw them right.


One thing I did notice about Montana is that some people who have never really lived outside of this state are kind of clueless. Clueless when taking their normal activities here to other cities out side of Montana. [when i refer to activities I mean drinking]
Montana people are a whole lot nicer and laid back kind of night scene when compared to others. It almost feels safe because in some weird cosmic way people all of over the state know each other somehow. Montana is a city in itself. 

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