Break-Up Season

Break-up season? It’s already here?

Apparently, it’s the thing to do as summer begins to come to a close. I guess it’s a good thing that I am single as a bird.

Except, this season I have seen only one breakup in tears and the rest were nearly empowered and relieved the relationship was over.

Could it be the age and maturity that could cause this kind of positive reaction to something that is stereotyped to be negative? Who knows really.

I obviously don’t know but it has caused me to be curious. Curiosity in the concept of relationships. [Which I’ll make a different post for]

It does make me happy to see my friends who are post-relationship status be so positive. It’s almost like the relationship that once was has made them better. Or they have grown up and realized that there will always be another green pasture and that they don’t have any need to dwell on what once was.

Obviously I was on Pinterest and I came across a quote that reminded me of all my friends that are newly single.  They respect themselves enough and this quote fits them so well.

I know that with a break-up that sometimes the break down part happens later if it doesn’t happen right away.  I am preparing myself to be there for my friends just like they have always been there for me.

Break-ups are tough on everyone irregardless of the situation.  You put in so much time and effort into making a relationship work that if it ends a little part of you will need to shed a tear sometime. That includes the relationships that were never established or defined. If you are investing a lot of time into one other person that is borderline a relationship; that counts.

In the end, always remember to leave an open heart for the future because when you close your heart you’re only carrying on the past.  Why live in the past when you can live with the future?


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