My Pin Happy Weekly

Pinterest is my best procrastination tool. I love looking at all the pins my friends post and then browsing through random ones.  Scrolling yesterday I figured I’d share my end of the week fave pins. Problem, I have to narrow it down.

This week I have narrowed it down to
6 pins.

My pins kind of go with what is going on in my life. [I’m sure you do the same if you have a pinterest]

Just like the caption from Pinterest says, “You are. enough said”.
If I had the balls to color my hair I would love to try this.  
A gray-white looks gorgeous.

I have been looking for a new pair of riding boots
and haven’t had much luck.
 That’s until I stumbled upon these beauties! 

The one thing I absolutely
LOVE about the fall is pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING! 

Throwing a beauty party soon on proper application 
of the makeup one owns and the brushes that can help 
them get the look they need.
Thought this would be a great, 
healthy snack to have with a vegetable & fruit tray.


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