Crushing, Mixed Signals & Patience

Having a crush is so hard. The mixed signals and the millions of thoughts that whirl through your mind. Ugh, why can’t it be easier?

I am the last person to be crushing on anyone.  The last “relationship” I was in lasted seven months and I was in high school. So its been about 5-6 years since then. I’ve tried with new people but it just didn’t feel right I guess. I want to feel this deep feeling of ‘I want you more than anything’. Not a ‘I may like you so lets try’. To try just sounds like you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

Currently, I have been crushing on someone for awhile now and its been good because I am fine knowing that it may not be anything.  At least I know the guy and we talk occasionally. But then this new person jumped out of left field and was like a damn tornado. I barely knew the guy but for some reason there was something different. With all of the mixed signals I was over it fast because I don’t want to put up with the bullshit. It’s black & white, don’t give me the gray area.

Now I am returning to the happy place. The place where I am content with my current stance in life and have no stress because of stupid guys.

I am negative about guys right now and I am going to stay single for a long while but I do plan on dating eventually. I don’t want to date “just because”. I want to date because it’s worth it and deep down I know I want it more than anything.  AND the guy can reciprocate the feelings I would have for him.  I just know I have to wait and be patient. With that patience that I build I know it will be worth it when the time comes when I get a boyfriend.


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