School Can Be Pricey

I’m finishing up my second week of classes and I have come to realize that keeping things simple is always the way to go.  School can be expensive. You have to buy books, clothes, school supplies, any required subscriptions or lab programs, tuition, and etc. It all adds up pretty quick! As I go into my fifth year of college I have finally figured out that simple is all you need. There are some things that you can’t cut costs like tuition or the price of the lab programs or subscriptions but in other ways you can.

Clothes is the number one thing many people tend to think about when the new school year is around.  I have no idea why is became such a staple in the transition from summer to fall but it sure makes retailers happy! Well, people tend to go after a lot of the clothes that are “in” now.  I think that owning a few is okay but not the entire wardrobe.  I like to aim for clothes that are versatile.  Plain tees in many different colors and styles can be dressed up, layered or accessorized.  Creating a new look quickly! I own so many different styles and colors of plain tops that getting up in the morning and throwing something together has gotten easier! The bonus: plainer tops are a whole lot cheaper than the crazy embellished or brand encrusted tops. I just wish it was that easy for jeans but everyone has their preferences on jeans that I don’t really touch on that subject.

School supplies can be pricier than clothes and that’s a scary thought. Buying certain calculators or new organization tools and gadgets are more on the higher end but needed when a class calls for it. I recommend that you ask around or post on your status on Facebook or something to friends.  You’ll never know what will come out of it. Sometimes some of your friends will be kind enough to just let you have the items. You can’t beat that! [just remember to pass along the item to someone else for free but after you tried giving it back to the original owners]. But before you even go out to the store check what your supply reserve looks like.  I am notorious for having a large reserve of paper, notebooks, pens, and etc lying around that need to be used.  If you go out and buy more your stash will only grow which means you’re burning money.  Doesn’t sound pleasant does it? Not for me! So use it if you got it!  No one wants to waste money and especially college students.

Books. The one thing that I wish I could avoid is buying books.  I absolutely LOATHE buying books. It’s as if I need to leave my spleen as a deposit when buying books.  My freshman year I bought all of my books in the University Bookstore…that was my first mistake.  Unless there is some weird reason by the professor that you HAVE to buy the book in the campus bookstore, don’t do it.  Explore your options because whether you’re saving $5- over $100 you’re saving money that you can use on other things that you’ll enjoy.  I always like to ask my professors – especially when they are custom – if an edition older book that is non-custom is okay to use.  99.99% of the time professors are completely fine with it.  The only difference is that it will include the chapters that the professors botched. I don’t mind having a little heavier book if that means I’m saving a bundle.  Then you can check on,, or [Those three are my go-to sites] I like to weigh out my options between eTextbooks and the physical copies versus renting and buying.  Most of the time conveniency and price win.

Before coming to college I wish I knew these little things because overtime it can save you a bundle! I hope that my little tips could help out a few more that just didn’t know.  If you have anything else to add go right ahead and leave a comment. I love hearing advice that could help me and everyone else save! 

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