Life Can Be Hard

Sundays can be one of the best days of the week for some people. For me, it is my day to relax since I have no other obligations but, maybe, some homework. At least I can do that task in bed. I am normally on the go-go-go Monday through Saturday so I cherish the one day a week that I am given.

 This Sunday I slept in and work up around 11:30A. Read my current book on my IPad-Kindle app ‘White Girl Problems’ by Babe Walker. [When I am done with the book I plan on doing a review for it so stay tuned!]  Anyways, I made my way to the living room to watch some T.V. while I check all of my social media. All of my social media feeds are pretty predictable but entertaining. Most of them are updates on everyone’s weekend and the parties they attended or how hung over they are. Sometimes I’ll see the occasional drama with young families. This past Sunday was different. I haven’t seen so much sadness stream through my feed in a long time. It’s as if it decided it was due for something different. This past weekend consisted of saying goodbye to people that unexpectedly left for the life in the clouds.

It’s always hard to have these incidents happen but they do happen because it is life. We all live to die in a weird sense.

I do send out my prayers and condolences to those who have been hurt through the events this weekend and will keep them in my heart.

When life hits these curve balls we all wish we were ready but we will never be ready. It’s something that has to be dealt with as the cards are handed.

Since none of these directly effect me I still feel sadness for those who are hurting. It is never easy to lose someone. I always try to remind myself that the one that passed would not want me to be sad forever but to grieve in a positive matter. I may sound like a broken record but I find inspiration from the large event that celebrates the death of loved ones – The Day of the Dead. If you haven’t heard of it, it is an event that is celebrated in Mexico. This day is the day that families of loved ones celebrate the lives of their loved ones on November 1st. It’s heartwarming to see that another culture take something that is so sad and make it beautiful.


It may be hard at first, which is completely okay, but remember that you’ll be happy again. Things are never the end and that if you want to be held, tell someone. If you want to be left alone, then go right ahead. If you need to talk, grab someone you trust. The people who care for you most during these times will be right there with a shoulder to cry on because these are the ones that show their true support for you.


Times like these remind me to love those closest to you and cherish every moment. It’s sad when things like this happen to jolt everyone awake but try to tell people you love that you love them. A couple words can make a large difference.

Love you all,




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My Pin Weekly

I have been slacking on a weekly that I planned on doing. Time to change that!

My pin weekly is my favorite pins of the week that are share worthy to my audience. I love Pinterest this much. But who doesn’t.

ImageOne thing that I am absolutely ecstatic about is decorations using pumpkins. Majority of the population like to do the traditional pumpkin carvings but I love the idea of painting them instead. Not as time consuming, not as messy, & they look chic. Even the idea of covering them in glitter is intriguing. I saw a pic of glitter pumpkins but I am curious to how messy that can be considering I would be messing with glitter… Love the shiny-ness but clean up an be a pain, even if you are careful!

Expect before & after photos of my front steps!


lakecampingI absolutely love the thought of camping in places that are “unconventional”. I’m not a huge fan of camping in pre-made campsites. More of – lets hike somewhere and “get lost” kind of camping. This picture definitely made me want to get out there now even if it is getting cold outside since Autumn is upon us. May not be perfect to many but it’s perfect for me. 🙂


vintagebagI have a thing for leather bags but more of the rustic-vintage looking kind. One that looks more of an outdoor bag than a dressy one. This bag sure has my attention and I could not be any more infatuated. It reminds me of the local Missoulian who makes the fly fishing bags but they are widely known to be used as a fashion statement in this quaint city in the mountains.


[Everything is via Pinterest but I linked each picture to the website that Pinterest provided with it]

Excited For October

September is coming to a close and I couldn’t be anymore excited for October.

My October events include: my grandfather’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, visiting my parents, getting the new iphone, 13 nights of Halloween, Halloween! , my roommates birthday, & capping the end of the month with a trip to Vegas for my 23rd.

May not seem like a whole lot for you but this is gold. The one thing I absolutely love about this month is the 13 Nights of Halloween that ABC Family does every year. Best movie marathon. Although, some movies I question whether it is scary at all or even Halloween related. But I don’t care.

I have also been shopping for costumes. I don’t think it is ever too early to start shopping for a Halloween costume. Shit, I think I started searching at the beginning of the summer!

At the end of the month I will be on my way to VEGAS. One of my oldest & best friends lives in Vegas now and I don’t think I could have thought of a better way to celebrate. It will be Halloween weekend so it should be a packed weekend!

I can’t wait to share with you guys my weekend!

What does this mean to you?

The weather is getting colder and Autumn is just beginning. Autumn is my favorite season for a million reasons. It is the season that pushes me to sit down with lounge music and journey to the deepest part of my mind and explore. Most of my inspiration is generated by reading quotes. You can find me on Pinterest scrolling for hours and pinning/liking just about everything.

I want to share everything but I know better. Plus, that would take far too long with how large my quote board has become.

So I have chosen to share this short, simple quote from KushandWizdom.


“Just because someone desires you,

does not mean that they value you.”

It makes me sad to think of so many women who can mix up desire and value when it comes to the opposite sex.

What does this mean to me?

To desire someone is inevitable. For me desire lies on the same line as crush but with more of an intense emotional feeling that craves physical attention. While disregarding the care for the other as a human being. It’s borderline leading on the opposite sex.

It can be hard when one person thinks that everything is great until they discover that the other does not care about who they are. The value of the person is completely unimportant.

And that’s what makes this whole concept sad.

How can one not have a care?

I have dealt with points of my past that relate to this quote and I’m POSITIVE I am not alone.

Those points were really hard.  Knowing someones true intentions or realizing that you know more about them than they do about you.

Where’s the positive?

This entire subject kinda brings the mood down but I don’t want that to be the focus.  I believe that every woman should know that there is a difference in the desire of someone and the value.  Sometimes some women know this but seem to settle thinking that nothing has really improved from the past. Well, guess what? DON’T THINK LIKE THAT!

When you can recognize that you are valuable and deserve better is a beautiful thing.

What does this mean to you?

I would love to know your thoughts.

Let your mind speak. I’m all open ears!

Luv It

Thanks to one of my favorite beauty Guru’s, Jarmaine Santiago AKA jlovesmac, I was introduced to Luvocracy. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re going to soon. It’s a great cross between WANELO and Pinterest. You have all of the collections that you create and then you add the items that you like. AND you can buy these products like you can on WANELO. The biggest benefit is that you can earn rewards. Now, who doesn’t like rewards for shopping?! It’s the best shopping aid to stumble upon. Check it out!


Here’s a little clip of my Luvocracy! Instead of “following” people, you TRUST people. TRUST me if you’d like 🙂

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It’s already the fourth week into school and that can only mean first exams of the semester are beginning to start. For me, some have already happened. I just recently received my first test back and I did not do as well as I wanted. I knew the exam was hard but the grade made me cringe.

I had that moment where I felt like a failure. I studied for a week and this is as good of a grade I could get. This is the moment I had to stop and catch myself. I was having an argument with myself because I noticed that I was only feeding into the negativity that came naturally from a bad exam score. So, I thought of the silver-linings and that’s when my mood did a 180 and everything was fine again. I reminded myself that this was the first exam and I have four others to turn things around. I know I can do better. Just because of one poor grade, doesn’t mean it is the end of the world and that the semester is going to suck. Every single day in class is a new day to turn things around. Finding the silver-lining never fails.

Besides starting the day with a poor letter grade, my day ended pretty fantastic. 

School is really going to be stressful but I am about to complete the first month and I have yet to really get in the groove of being back in school. I don’t think my summer mode has retreated to hibernation yet. Hopefully, tomorrow being a new day will be the start of reorganization of my schooling and getting things in order. I have so much to do for my day off from work!

Purpose of the post:

No matter how bad a day can seem or how it may just go downhill no matter how bad it started, always remember that it will always look up. Sometimes, subconsciously, people tend to feed into the negativity of a bad day when some of the days events are so miniscule. I always try to find the silver-linings in the worst of situations and if that doesn’t work looking at what could be worst always makes me feel a little better. Knowing that something worse could have happened but didn’t can always manage a little relief on the stressed individual. 


Each day is too valuable to worry so much and waste it on unhappiness. Aim for a better day and things can only look up.