Hurt & Learn

The first week of school is officially halfway done but for me it finishes today [thursday]. Business students are lucky enough to have a four day week.  

If you can’t tell already, I am posting this in the late evening of Wednesday but early morning of Thursday.  It’s about one a.m. and I have the urge to write than sleep.  
Last night was one of the worst nights I have had in a long time.  My anxiety had the best of me and the frustration could not have been any worse.  Long story short, my eyes were still puffy from how hard I cried until it cleared up that afternoon.  It felt like everyone could see it in class but I ignored the feeling and moved on with my day.  I kept as much hope in my mind that it would go away and it eventually did.  
I used to be the girl that would cry herself to sleep every night but no one ever knew.  It was my little secret.  Friends never understood why I didn’t like sleepovers of any kind but loved going home to my bed.  That was my safe haven.  The place where I can hide.  It’s sad when you do think about it but it hasn’t happened every night since the end of high school.  
I am beginning to learn that what happened in my past I shouldn’t be at all embarrassed. It’s the past for a reason. It happened and you move on.  That was one of my problems. I used to live in the past instead of the present.  I am just extremely happy that I am figuring that out because it is a step forward. 
After class I will be heading to Bozeman for the MSU Gold Rush Game.  I have high hopes that this trip will be fun because the other two times that I went to Bozeman I had a terrible time.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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