End of Summer

Tomorrow school starts again and I couldn’t be more excited. And the way this weekend wrapped up… đŸ™‚ Nothing but smiles.

Although, no one should be allowed to take so many tequila shots in one night and still be allowed to drink an irish trashcan. Thank God for pedialyte or I would really be in trouble!

This last month of summer has been the highlight of my entire year and I intend for it to continue! I am even going to Bozeman for their first football game of the season this Thursday.  I am going with my friend Jessica who gave me a ticket and I’ll be with her at their family tailgate.  I’m nervous but excited. I have only gone to Bozeman a couple times but during those times it sucked major.  So in my eyes I thought Bozeman would never be fun but she said she’ll prove me wrong. Keep your fingers crossed!

I think it’ll be different this time because I am heading there in a different mindset.  I am being positive!

Then on Friday we will return to Missoula and it will be the Griz turn at a night game. I’m not gonna go  but I will still watch the game. Doesn’t really sound like school pride but I went to so many in my early years of college that I can only handle so much of the student section.

Hopefully Annie can make it this weekend. She told me she wants to come here Friday and stay for the whole weekend.  It’s hard when one of your best friends live so far away in a town that has nothing but dirty water.

This week is filled with plenty of memories to be made and I can not wait!


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