Simplicity of Writing

I recently started a blog site called beyoutifulcliche and I absolutely love it. It has everything that I love. I talk about beauty, health, fashion and everything in between. As much as I love it I do miss the simplicity of just writing and posting. As a result, I thought of just opening another just for me. Why not right?

Since the day I was given my first journal at the age of five I have yet to stop writing. It’s practically a part of me – a wonderful habit – that I refuse to tear myself from.

Writing has helped me through life in many ways and I couldn’t be any more grateful than I am right now. The days that I forget to jot down those little thoughts that I have throughout the day; I tend to feel guilty for not doing so. People automatically assume that you have to write everyday and about exactly what you did for the day. It sounds terrible when you think of it like this. Writing shouldn’t be treated as a chore but more of a beautiful outlet that lets your thoughts organize themselves.

I think there was only one part of my life that I actually tried this. It lasted for about a year and it was dreadful. You could even sense it when you reread everything how miserable it was for me. The only bonus to chronological writing is reading memories that you conveniently forgot. Always manages to give a good laugh.

So, I don’t expect this blog to fall under a niche or anything but to be an accumulation of me and my life. Not so personal but personal enough that you can have a pretty good sense of who I am.

Before I end this post I always like to tell people my favorite saying.
Sometimes life is easier to understand when it’s written down“.


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