Refocusing & Doing it for Me

Lately I have been feeling like writing has become too much of a chore and I don’t enjoy it one bit. I feel like I am not writing for myself but merely writing to try impress everyone else. Why? It’s not what I wanted but it happened. 

Somehow, in the process of creating a blog I lost the true focus of what I truly wanted to come out of it. Rereading some of the old posts (only some) they sound like I am forcing the words to be typed. It’s not like it just flowed or remotely sounded like myself. I think there is probably a small handful of five that sound like the direction that I wanted it all to take. I just can not understand how it veered off of direction. Then again, I didn’t really know what I wanted. 
This entire process that has lasted about eight months has taken me on a journey. A journey that has shown me who I am and has really defined what I want. In the end, I just had to remind myself of why I really started this whole blogging business. (Not even a business but a hobby.) Now I just have to have a better grasp and never let go of it. 

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