Genuinely Happy

Having that kind of happy that is unexplainable is amazing. I’m not sure if you have experienced it but I hope you do! It’s this feeling that has the same emotion as floating on cloud nine.  A place that you can be independent without having a significant other take you there.

In my teen years I only visited cloud nine whenever I met a boy that I absolutely crushed on. And I think that’s why I kept trying [irregardless] if the boy broke my heart. You live & learn right?

Now, in my young adult years, I can happily say that I am just floating by myself.

For the first time I am genuinely happy about my place in life and where I am headed.

I wish I could explain this in words but I can’t. It’s as if there are no words that are worthy or can really explain & describe this kind of happiness.

My friends have even taken notice and have told me that there was something different about me.  All they can do is smile at me and be happy back because all I can do is smile as a response.  I’m hoping that I radiate this happiness and it catches on because despite of what is happening in the world and everyones own world, happiness is always a gleam of hope that everyone wants a piece of.


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