Shark Week Themed Makeup

Shark Week is a big week in the year that has grown such large popularity that college kids everywhere have created a drinking game in its honor. If you haven’t heard of it yet go ahead and google it [the game]. But in my case I took part in a photoshoot that was themed for Shark Week.  I jumped on board to do the makeup and hair for an awesome collaborations duo that call themselves GRASSROOTMODELING. They are an amazing modeling duo that is growing in popularity with each day that creeps by.

Since it is in honor of Shark Week, I watched a lot of the Discovery Channel and searched photos of many different sharks to draw in some inspiration.

ANNNDD this is what I did:

This is what she looked like before in the all naturale.

Then about an hr or so – I really didn’t keep time – she became a shark!

Made with Repix (

I had an absolutely amazing time doing her makeup! It was definitely different than the everyday kind of makeup that I am accustomed to but sometimes you gotta try something different. I’m just really glad that it came out so well. I tried the hair and makeup on myself the night prior and it definitely looked different than what you see. I was relying on the luck of it all just falling together and it did.

This is only the beginning of many makeup styles I intend to do!

So just for the mere purpose of posting more than the two photos above here’s a couple more.






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