That Moment: Thank You

There are moments in your life that can alter your path in many ways that are good for you.  When these moments happen I like to think of them in the most positive way possible. If I didn’t then I would be a huge negative mess that no one would want to be around me.

I had a moment that is embarrassing to think about but makes me smile. How is it possible that something was not me in anyway could make me so happy?

I found that what I fear most was so minuscule.

It’s as if this moment made me stronger.  Every time it pops into my head I can’t help but smile and say, ” thank you”.

I know that a lot of you are confused and would love to know what happened but, for once, I wish to not tell anyone.  It’s one of the best kept secrets that I want to cherish forever.  I don’t need anyone to listen to it and give me their opinion on something that I have one look on and makes me happy! Why tarnish that?


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