Michael Kors & the Cosmetic World

00-michael-kors-story-landingCosmetics is the new venture that designer Michael Kors is embarking on.  He plans on releasing a three part cosmetics line: sexy, sporty, glam.  Each part will have an “essential” that every woman needs to create that look.  Those essentials are: Nail lacquer, lipstick, lip gloss, fragrance, & a bronzer.

I am ecstatic to know how well the cosmetics stack up against the rest of the beauty industry. He is taking on a different angle by having a color and body-focused approach instead of the typical full range of cosmetics.

Maybe there will be a lip stick or nail lacquer that I just gotta have. But we’ll see!




My Makeup Staples

Growing up I was never allowed to wear make-up. That’s until a friend in highschool asked if she could put some on me during my freshman year. I’ll never forget the moment I saw what I looked like afterwards – renewed. I felt like an entirely revamped person. I was instantly hooked and had to get some myself. Eventually my mom found out and, luckily, wasn’t too upset.
Now, I absolutely love trying all kinds of makeup and experimenting with different techniques. After some time I have grown quite attached to the items that I currently use. I love them so much that I want to share with you my current favorites aka my makeup staples.


1.  Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush – $26

This is a new addition to my collection and I absolutely fell in love with it.  I love that a very little goes a long way. I can just tap the head of the brush 3x or less and there’s enough color to cover both of my cheeks! The color that is presented is a lot more intimidating than it really is when used.  The pressed powder really gives you a choice in how defined and bright you wish it to be with little effort.  For the price, I can see this blush lasting me for quite a long time and I like that! The title even says it is a 12-hour blush and it stays true to it! The compact itself is small and can fit nicely in the palm of your hand.  It has a convenient mirror inside and is displayed nicely with a beautiful etching when first opened.  [I’m not sure how long the etching lasts but it’s still there after almost a month of use. That’s pretty good!]

2.  Benefit Cosmetics Boi-Ing Concealer – $20

This concealer is an industrial-strength concealer. It covers anything! I used to have a problem with my concealers when it came to using them for my dreaded under-eye circles. Not anymore with this one! I absolutely love that it doesn’t leave those unsightly creases after applying.  I also like that it’s a compact concealer instead of a liquid concealer.  I can easily control how much of the product I want to use and a little goes a long way! I also use this as a nice highlighter along my T-Zone.

3.  Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay BB Illuminating Moisturizer – $32

I recently bought this because I was looking for a nice foundation/moisturizer that would be great for humidity.  After some time of research [I do love to research] I found that a lot of people enjoyed how BB Creams stayed – especially in humid places.  Of course, I had to get my hands on some and try it myself.  I initially wanted to try the popular BB Cream with the added primer but they were out of my shade. So I settled with the next best [only difference is that it didn’t have the added primer]. It has no unsettling smell and it is just as smooth as lotion.  After applying, your skin feels and looks soft and smooth.  I was shocked at how impressed I was with a BB Cream! Now I understand why people love them so much.

4.  Lancôme ‘La Base Pro’ Perfecting Makeup Primer – $42

I’ve had this primer for quite sometime and it is the first one that I have liked.  It is pricey but I didn’t buy it for that! I buy my moisturizers through Lancôme and they were having a sale where I ended up buying $150+ worth of product for about $80. Anyways, this primer leaves the skin feeling like velvet. As soft as velvet is – that is how it leaves your skin.  It is amazing! I mainly apply this in my T-Zone but some days I like to do all over. Depends on the look I am going for and the kind of day I am feeling.

5.  NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder – $36

I bought this bronzer in North Carolina at Sephora and OMG! At first test it was love.  I always knew that this was a popular staple item for many women. At least, according to many magazines. Naturally, I had to [eventually] buy it.  I have tan/olive skin and it can be hard to buy bronzers since most can be used as a foundation than a bronzer.  This one leaves a gorgeous natural looking bronze to the cheeks. And I can actually see it when I apply it.  I mainly use this as a definer, below the apples of the cheeks. It has glitter but it is quite lite.  It leaves your cheeks shimmery instead of looking like a disco ball when you’re in the sunlight.  And the compact that it comes in is quite large.  It’s larger than the palm of my hand and has a built in mirror. Overall, I am positive this will be a staple in my make-up bag.

6.  Select Cover-Up | MAC Cosmetics | NW35 – $18

I used to use this concealer for under my eyes but my skin likes to fluctuate in color.  Now it is a little too dark when I would like to lighten my already dark under-eye circles.  Now I use it as a definer for my dark zones on my face.  Kind of like a dark highlighter.  I couldn’t let it go to waste! It leaves a nice smooth finish that lasts all day.  The size of the bottle would make you question why I spent $18 on it but, just like the others, a little goes a long way. So no need to cake on the product!

Single Syndrome

Is it just me or is everyone in a relationship? The question only came up because my good friend and I realized it all of a sudden.  After talking to her, our discussion had me thinking how all of our close friends or friends in general are all dating! If it isn’t dating they are getting engaged or even married! Oy, people need to slow down a bit so I can catch up and recover from the current overload.  As a result, I decided to come up with a couple tips that I follow about surviving – what I like to call – the “Single Syndrome“.

The Single Syndrome is what I like to call that undeniable feeling you get when you notice everyone is in a relationship but yourself.  Which snowballs into one reacting in many different ways and possibly making impromptu decisions that can be regretted.

Tip 1: Try to not fall for the initial signs of the Single Syndrome. When you get that anxious [aka “antsy”] feeling about not having a significant other and for some reason noticing an abundance of couples; RUN. Try to remind yourself to not let that feeling overcome you because once it has a grasp on your emotions it’ll eventually take over those actions that may result in later regret.  Yeah, it may be what you wanted at the moment but it may not be something you’re actually prepared for in a long-term sense. The SIngle Syndrome is notorious when you have your close friends in fresh relationships and you all hang out as a group so no one is left out.  It’s the friends way of beginning the balance between their friends and the new boyfriend/girlfriend.  Sadly, it can result in those friends to feel obligated to invite another person [naturally of the opposite sex] to group outings. Those dating friends merely do this because they feel guilty and feel like they are clearing up their conscience by setting you up.  They may be defensive and say that they are not trying to set you up but let’s be honest, they’re lying.

Tip 2: Your friends who are freshly coupled up will slowly [or quickly] slip into the honeymoon stage. This is the time they disappear into social siberia because they just want to be with each other. That’s all fine and dandy but the single friends that used to rely on them to kill time and hang out have to find alternatives.  So, if you don’t have friends outside of your close ones prepare yourself. And if you were unable to prepare just go out and meet new people or even call up someone that you got along with in the past! It’s never too late to meet people and grow your social pool or reconnect with those that have potential of a friendship.

A great way to help meet people outside of work and school classrooms is finding a hobby in a group status.  Hobbies like: Workout classes [Zumba, Hot Yoga, etc]; local clubs [folfing, golf, rock climbing, etc]. Just find that niche and you could find yourself with a group of new friends before you know it.  The only hurdle is having the balls to put yourself out there by yourself.

As you get older, the amount of friends hitching up tend to increase. And this shouldn’t be a pushing aide for you to feel pressured into jumping into a relationship when you know you’re not ready. Don’t jump off that bridge just because it seems like everyone else is.  Listen to your heart.  I’ve always had the trouble of feeling like I need to be in one just because everyone else but that shouldn’t be the case.  I did that once and jumped into a relationship I knew I wasn’t ready for or even wanted.  All it did was ruin the friendship I had with them and it broke hearts.  From my experience learn from me.  If deep down in your gut you’re not feeling like you could spend every minute with someone or it just doesn’t feel just right and you question it, don’t take that jump.

Change can be a good thing


It has taken me a long time to really find a name that suits me the best. Finally, I can say that I think I have. Above I put a .com site that will be the name of my new site. Through many hours stressing over what is perfect I think I found it. I hope for the few followers and subscribers, that y’all won’t be upset or anything but be happy for my change. I’m excited for this change because it is also giving me more direction in what I want this blog to be. For awhile it’s been all over the place. And I think now I can start making more of a groove in the niche that I think is suitable for who I really am.

City Girl Top Inspired – Day & Night

Finding a piece of clothing that can be convertible from day to night is a gem of a find.  Since I can not shop as much as I would like to because of a restricted budget I find peace through polyvore.com. I can put together outfits without having to actually buy them. The option is there but I am happy to be able to put these outfits together.

City Girl Top inspired - Day & NightThis outfit is my very first set I completed on my profile on Polyvore! I am quite pleased with how it turned out!

Let me know what you think!

If you click on the photo, it’ll bring you to my profile on Polyvore. If you’re a fashionista girl, I highly recommend this site!

Hello World, Keep In Mind…

If you have a piece of clothing that you are unsure on how to dress it or what to wear it with, comment below! I would love to put something together for you!


Love, Me 


I was never really interested in the bareMinerals’ products until a few days ago.

I purchased the bareMinerals Lipstick: Make Your Move & the Tinted Veil with SPF 15. Both shown below.

20130709-170715.jpg vsco_0

I have never been so happy with a small makeup haul.

image-2The lipstick is the perfect natural “nude” color. I have struggled finding one that compliments my olive skin tone. When I tried it on for the first time it was almost like discovering gold. You can’t really see it on my hand but it is a soft sheer shade.  It has almost like a satin finish after application that reminds me of regular lip balms that you can find at drugstores. A bonus: a little goes a long way and it doesn’t end up all crackled on your lips after a long time of wearing. A tube of this lipstick is around $18. It is not very budget friendly but the results are well worth the price.

The tinted veil is a great substitute for finishing powder. It’s light and airy that sets the makeup nicely. It leaves my skin feeling soft and looking fresh all day. It’s a small compact that I bought in a pressed powder. They had the loose powder available but I needed something of portability. I know with my luck and experience, loose powder and I have a messy past. A compact of the tinted veil goes for about $22. It’s not a bad price for how long this compact is known to last.


I highly recommend taking a look at bareMinerals products.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the clean and natural finish that it has your makeup looking.