Dreams. They take you to places that are unbelievable. Places that can pull every emotion that you hold. Sometimes they can remind you of those feelings that were once alive but have faded.  

Dreams can express the deepest wants of our hearts, 
Dreams can express the deepest fears,
Dreams can express who you really are.
Dreaming is a part of life that is inevitable. 

One thought on “Dreams

  1. very thought provoking. you brought up a point i have never looked at when looking dreams – “they express the deepest fears”. usually when I think about dreams, I think about all sorts of things. when i was younger it was about anything, whether it seemed attainable or not. somewhere along the line my dreams became more about my children and they still are, in fact. I haven’t thought about a real dream – just for me – in years – and maybe the reason is the fact that i know inside somewhere that they bring out these deep routed fears.

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