Dreams. They take you to places that are unbelievable. Places that can pull every emotion that you hold. Sometimes they can remind you of those feelings that were once alive but have faded.  

Dreams can express the deepest wants of our hearts, 
Dreams can express the deepest fears,
Dreams can express who you really are.
Dreaming is a part of life that is inevitable. 

Valentines Day

Valentines day is all about love. But that love is not restricted. 

Love is not meant for just couples, as every one seems to notice or believe, during this holiday. This day is meant to remind us to love one another. Remember that life isn’t worth living without love in our lives.  

It really saddens me to see people beat themselves down during this holiday season. All of a sudden they are complaining how they are all alone and have no significant other to celebrate. But, what they are blind from all the hype is that love is love.  You can’t change it for one day or any other day of the year.  Subconsciously, love is there with the people you care for most. You may not say “I love you” but a  statement shouldn’t clarify if it is love.  As humans, it just happens. 

I’d be a hypocrite if I said I’ve never hated this holiday. Who hasn’t disliked this holiday at some point? I’ve learned that when you really dislike something, figure out why. I believe it is better to understand what something is about to really justify your unhappiness. 

For this day and every day after and forevermore, spread love. Do it through sincerity and humbleness in your actions and without any thing expected in return.  Do it from the goodness of your heart. image