Hopefully Me…

Writing is my way of communicating my deepest thoughts.  If you are privileged to have the chance to journey into my mind; you’re special.  Not a lot of people are blessed with the access.  Yet, that’s why most of my thoughts are under lock and key.  Being hurt so many times leaves a wall. A wall that has a brick for every memory and history of my life that helped build it.  But with every opening, there is a small light of hope that begins to disintegrate the brick and mortar that was created.  When I say disintegrate I am referring to the idea that it does not disappear. It merely becomes a positive memory; another book in the library of me. Taking what has had a negative impact and turning it into something positive. Leaving a happier and everyday improving me.  and I can not think of anything else that I am striving to be.

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