Standing on my own two feet…

Hello World,

I have not set an actual post but something to set me out before the real postings start.  

Blogging is something that I have always wanted to attempt but never knew how to begin.  Then again, how do you start something so foreign? I slowly figured out that the best way to have what I want is to just delve into it.  Don’t look but just go for it.  So, I thought, what do I have to lose? So here I am! 

My life is full of random events.  Events that make life so simple and events that throw me in a tail spin.  Keeping me guessing and second guessing what life is all about.  Whether you want to read about it or not, this blog is for me to write it all down.  I find my life quite entertaining and I hope you do too.  

Sometimes when things happen I tend to be a little insightful…okay, maybe very insightful.  And I hope that a piece of my mind can open your mind a smidgen. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to share!

Love, Me ❤


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