May God give you…

“May God give you perspective on the things that frustrate you. May your heart of compassion grow for those who suffer in unimaginable ways. May you pray as passionately for them as you do for yourself. May God protect you from a small, selfish mindset. May He fill you up with thanksgiving and joe for the freedoms you enjoy! May He renew your resolve to be a grateful, humble soul. And may He use you tomorrow in ways that surprise and bless you.”



Marriages & Engagements & Babies, OH MY!

Today on the menu we have marriages, engagements, and babies.

Does that make you cringe? It sure does give me an upset stomach!

It’s not like I am “anti” any of those but most of them are individuals or couples who are not even 23 yrs of age! It’s as if the love bug or something flew around.  Or something of that sort that is giving everyone this anxiety that they have to be partnering up and moving onto the next stage of their life. But none of the three criteria’s are on my soon-to-be plan.  I have a dream and an aspiration that I want to succeed first.  I am still young and want to live this life that I have always imagined but haven’t exactly figured out. That’s the exciting part of the journey, figuring it all out along the way!

It is sad to say but most young marriages are unsuccessful in our generation. It’s higher now a-days than ever and divorce is the one thing that I do not want when I am ready for all that family mumbo jumbo.  I have the highest beliefs in traditional values when it comes to marriages and everything that follows it.  If you know me, you know exactly where I stand.  Growing up, dating has become more of a serious issue.  It’s not like high school dating at all! Now that I am nearing my mid-twenties people are dating individuals and looking towards a future with the significant other.  And I’ve noticed the marriage clock really begins to countdown around the age of 26.  That isn’t every one but I’ve noticed it in the majority of individuals that are my acquaintances or friends.

I get it when people say the cliché thing of “you know it when you know it”. [One of the most vague clichés I have knowledge of as I sit here writing this post.  I’m sure there is more but this is the only one that comes to mind that relates and ties so well into this topic.] All power to those couples that are able to make it work and really hit the nail on the head. But what about the larger percent that have missed?

In the end, I am finding myself almost feeling left out or, somehow, a post-it note was never left for me for this important event.  I almost found myself feeling a little desperate in feeling extremely behind this mass movement.  That’s the moment that I have to slap myself back into reality.  I don’t NEED to do what everyone else is doing because my road is paved completely different from everyone.

One thing that could of caused me to feel this way is Facebook.  Facebook has made this feeling of being left out easier to happen to anyone because with the ease of a button you can scroll through your newsfeed and see everyone’s “Life Events”. Then you have the capability to highlight so that your “friends” are sure to see this event.  Seriously though,  I don’t think I have talked to over half – or even two-thirds – of my friends list.  I may have seen or talked to them more in the past on a regular basis but time goes on.  Let’s face it, Facebook is the enabler for this “love bug”.

Don’t let the marriages, engagements & babies have you rattled.

Stay classy

Christine Jane

Happy Anniversary!

It’s officially one whole year that I have had this blog and I could not be happier. 🙂

I may not have been the most conventional blogger where I post consistently. Or with content that may or may not be of any use to anyone that takes timeout of their day to read what I have to say. But I am happy that I have had it this long.  It proved to me, in many ways, that I am capable of anything.  I’m sure you have had that little something that gives you that big rush of pride. If you can think of it now, that’s EXACTLY how I feel.

Normally, bloggers of all forms would give something to you. Maybe a give-away of a certain product or something that everyone has been asking for from the blogger. But I will not being doing either.  I decided to just give you a piece of inspiration. A few words that can get your mind pumping.  Your mind is a beautiful muscle that deserves to be fed and “worked out” properly.

Hm… now I just need to narrow it down…

Right now, the only quote that I have been stuck on is Kate Spade’s Live Colorfully.

Make an entrance
Whistle while you work
Play the wild card
Eat cake for breakfast
Rent a tandem
Smile at a stranger
Find the silver lining
Paint the town red
Take up the trumpet
Learn to cha-cha
Catch a double feature
Plan an adventure
Spike the punch
Share your umbrella
Be dazzling
Escape the ordinary

Of course, this is an extended version of the original one that I planned on posting but I find this one ten times better.  

Everyday I am finding myself closer to who I am meant to be.  Everyday I am discovering and amplifying my life choices towards something that is bigger than me.  I have never been more nervous but deep down I know better. I know that whatever it is that is kicking me in my gut is telling me, “keep pushing!!!” I couldn’t be more grateful for the people in my life who push and pull me in the directions that I never planned to go. Those directions, no matter if they ended positively or negatively, have lead me to this point in my life.

So take this time and reflect on your life and the passages you have taken and find the good, the bad, and the ugly! [cliché I know but I couldn’t help it. It fits perfectly.]

stay classy

Christine Jane


Have an obsession? I do and it is called monograms. I wish for most of my belongings to be monogrammed.

For some people, they would believe that it is insane or weird but for me it is pure bliss.

My monogram journey started with pure attraction until I was given a chance in NC to witness the products.  I walked into a little shop called Ink and Thread in Garner, NC. I absolutely fell in love when I walked in and saw everything I could possibly monogram. After purchasing my first haul of monogrammed items I am officially hooked and want more.  My next purchase is going to be a side monogrammed chained necklace in silver.  It’ll be a little Valentine’s Day gift to myself and I can not wait.

I can’t wait show y’all when I have it in my hands! Eek!

Christine Jane

Happy [Belated] New Year!

Happy New Year!

I know it is a little belated but it is better said than never.
2014 is a new year which means the mass population has a reason to begin again.  New year new you, correct? I really do not believe in a new year to be a good excuse to start “a-new”.  Anyone can start over whenever they like. At least it gives people a positive push in the right direction.

For me, I did not make any resolution of any kind because I could not think of anything different from years past. SO, I decided to do the opposite of what I am used to versus years past. Which is a very large list that I decided to leave y’all to your imagination. I just hope y’all think of this new year as a positive one.  You never know what the year will bring you!


Christine Jane

It’s a Bright Day

I have been on Winter Vacation for a week now and can finally feel the weight fall off my shoulders.  School is beneficial for my future but not my favorite thing in the whole world.  


This year is already making positive moves.  Especially taking on a new job that has lead me to new possibilities.  

Now it is time for me to find the time and work my writing time back into my schedule.  I ahd to go on hiatus to focus on school a bit more.  But it sure wasn’t fun to ignore posting. It was always only mind but I knew I needed to focus on my school work.  If I didn’t mention it before, I AM GRADUATING IN THE SPRING!! I can not wait to walk across the stage .  I do have to return for my required capstone class but it’s still worth it. 

Today I woke up so positive and just like hundreds of other girls, I instagrammed it.  I just felt so happy from the get-go that I had to share on every social media site that I had.  AND I really felt confident enough to even take a pic of myself with no makeup. Let’s be honest, I NEVER take a pic without some makeup, let alone none at all. 

SO I hope you all find today beautiful and radiate happiness. 

Love you all,

Christine Jane



Not all Mondays are Bad

Not all Mondays are bad.

I was pleasantly surprised from the fact that a professor – who was on tenure – was a true professor that wanted to inspire their students.  For a while I believed that most professors on tenure did not care or want to put in the time to aid students, to mentor.

Today, my mind was changed forever.

A random visit to a professor, who reminded me of my mother, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This professor was able to remind me of my purpose and goals. Why going to school was my choice in the first place and how I shouldn’t just give up and take a break because I am such a scatterbrain.

After a half hour conversation I was enlightened and inspired to push harder than before. Completing my four-year degree has never been higher on my pedestal.

It amazed me how she was able to put a fire in my soul.

She told me the attributes that she saw in me and how great and prominent my future is but there is one thing that I just need to complete that checklist: a four-year degree.

When I am able to check that off the possibilities are endless.